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Auto Drive Service

Home Watch Service Tip:

Keep your seasonal car in good shape with our Auto Drive Service. Cars do better when driven periodically.

Your car is made to be driven. Keep it in good shape with our Auto Drive Service!

Prerequisite: We must have a signed Car Drive Authorization form on file

On our normal Home Watch Visit day, we will also perform a visual observation on the inside and outside of your car. We would be looking for any sign of excessive moisture, flat tire(s) or a dead battery.

If everything looks good, we start the car and drive a predetermined route watching and listening for any obvious issues.

We want to make sure we drive it long enough to get the engine up to a normal operating temperature.

If we observe anything unusual, we will bring it to your attention. Please keep in mind, we are not mechanics and are not trained to detect or diagnose electrical or mechanical failures.

At your request, we can take your car to any dealership, mechanic, detail shop, or car wash. For this service, concierge rates may apply.

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