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Services for the Seasonal Resident

A Vacation Home is Fun, Until Something Goes Wrong

Our exceptionable Home Watch Service monitors the condition of your home on a regular schedule

Our Home Watch Service is The Answer

We visit your home on a regular schedule!

A Weekly or Bi-Weekly Home Watch visit is not only affordable, but may positively impact your home owners insurance. Don’t make the mistake of depending on your neighbors.

  • Interior Check
  • Exterior Check
  • Pool and Lanai Check
  • No Long Term Contracts

How do you know we were there?

Professional Grade Software

We use this software to record any issues found during the home watch visit. If anything is found, notes and annotated pictures are included in the report and discussed with you.

All information concerning your home is located on secure servers. Reports are available anytime.

Certified Home Watch Professionals

A graduate of the Your Home Watch Professionals of Naples, Florida. This is an intense training program designed to equip new Home Watch Reporters with the latest in industry best practices.

A Certified Home Watch Reporter has passed  the exam designed by seasoned Home Watch experts. Not just anyone is “Certified”, and we must be well insured and bonded. When looking for a Home Watch service, ask for certifications and insurance.

Home Watch Rates

Some Home Watch companies are reluctant to list their prices. Not us, we believe in transparency.


Up to 2 Beds/ 2 Baths
$ 35*
  • Interior Check
  • Brush and Flush
  • Run Appliances

Single Family

Up to 3 Beds / 2 Baths
$ 45*
  • Interior Check
  • Exterior Check
  • Garage/ Lanai

Auto Drive

Keep Cars in Good Shape *
$ 25*
  • Interior Check
  • Exterior Check
  • Drive Car